Clinical Trials

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Why should you join a clinical trial?

Contributing to research can aid future generations – your children and grandkids. Medical research projects will play an important role in the future of healthcare in the United States. Participating in a research study or a clinical trial has the potential to benefit both the individual participants and other people who have or may acquire health issues or diseases in the future.

Clinical trials are an essential step in moving novel discoveries from the lab to the bedside—from the researcher to the patient. Studies look at how an experimental tests or treatments work and can help the U.S. Food and Drug Administration decide if it’s safe and effective and should be made available to the public. These tests wouldn’t happen unless people sign up to take part.

Clinical trials participation is essential in preventing, diagnosing, and curing diseases and disorders. When you take part in a clinical trial, you are contributing to research that might bring new medicines closer to patients around the country.

Glossary of Clinical Research Terms.

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