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Our Vision

We deliver superior and consistent care in support of every patient with kidney disease.

Our Mission

We are the model of exceptional care for people with kidney disease and their families and communities.

From Dialysis to Advanced Kidney Care and Transplants

Consultation experts for chronic kidney disease (CKD), hypertension treatment, dialysis technology, and transplantation

Interventional Nephrology

Medical Director leadership at dialysis clinics

Vascular Access Center for fistula, graft, and catheter insertion and maintenance

Balboa Institute of Transplantation

Leaders in kidney research through our partnership with California Institute of Renal Research offering clinical trial opportunities for patients.

Kidney Care Team: Get expert advice on managing chronic kidney disease (CKD), controlling high blood pressure, and exploring dialysis and transplant options.

Healthy Access: The San Diego Vascular Access Center provides comfortable care for creating and maintaining fistulas, grafts, and catheters for dialysis.

Advanced Solutions: Interventional Nephrology offers minimally invasive procedures for diagnosing and treating kidney problems.

New Hope, New Life: The Balboa Institute of Transplantation helps patients find hope and independence while managing life after kidney transplantation.

Patient-Centered Leadership:  Balboa Nephrology provides Medical Director leadership at dialysis clinics, bringing  clinical expertise to your care.

Making a Difference: Balboa Research is committed to finding better treatments for kidney disease, because everyone deserves the chance to thrive.

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Superior Care for Every Patient

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•  Patient-centered care for people with kidney disease
•  Top Nephrologists in Imperial Valley, Orange County and San Diego
•  Telehealth & phone appointments available
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We’re changing the dynamics of kidney care.

Learn how we’re taking Patient-Centered Care to the next level by collaborating with Evergreen Nephrology.

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