Every Transplant Has A Story. What’s Yours?

My Story: Dan Gutenson

I am a: Kidney Recipient My family has a long history with transplantation.  We have a polycystic disease that runs in our family.  My mother and uncle as well as my brother,...

My Story: Sebastian

I am a: Kidney Transplant Recipient "I was born with a lower urinary tract obstruction.  Even with surgery to fix the obstruction, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney...

My Story: Bennett

I am a: Kidney & Liver Donor "I donated a kidney anonymously in 2000.  When I eventually met the recipient's son after the recipient passed away 10 years later, he said...

My Story: Valerie James

I am a Caregiver: "My 18 year old son, Xavier received a life changing kidney transplant when he was 3 years old thanks to his donor Sam McCrow for saying, "Yes" to organ, eye...

My Story: Cheryl Machan

"My family has a genetic kidney disease.  When my brother needed a kidney, I did not want to watch him to go through many years of dialysis like my dad. I volunteered to be...

Every Transplant Has A Story

What’s Yours?


Share your transplant experience or words of encouragement to help teach the community the importance of organ donation and kidney care education.

Your story could be featured on this page as well as the Balboa Nephrology and Balboa United social media pages!

Thank you for helping us spread the word about kidney care!

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