Every Transplant Has A Story. What’s Yours? 

We began the #ISharedMyStory project at the 2022 Transplant Games of America held here in San Diego.  Balboa Nephrology + Evergreen Nephrology were fortunate enough to be in the TGA Village where attendees were asked if they would like to share their transplant story with others to help educate the community about the importance of organ donation.  The response was incredible.

We are grateful to have learned what its like to be a patient, organ donor, caregiver or family of someone who has donated.  We encourage you to take a private moment to read a few stories and consider sharing your own experience.

My Story: Karla

My Name is Karla I am a 2x recipient. My Story:  I am a mother, daughter, sister, attorney and friend!  I get to be all those things because when I needed a kidney, I had...

My Story: Hayden Shock

My Name Is: Hayden Shock I am a Kidney Transplant Recipient. My Story: "I was in San Diego in 2016 when I didn't feel too well.  Had the worst flight back to DC.  Went to an...

My Story: Kate Culhane

My name is Kate Culhane I am a Living Donor. My Story: "When I was not a match for my sister, I donated to the woman who sat next to her in...

My Story: Larry Saks

My Name: Larry Saks I am a recipient. My Story: "I had a liver and kidney transplant 4 years ago.  Doing fantastic and anything ele I can do to tell others, please feel free...

My Story: Lieuko Nguyen

My Name Is: Lieuko Nguyen I am a physician. My Story: I love taking care of children pre-transplant, during and post-transplant as a pediatric nephrologist.  Kidney transplant...

My Story: Somone Washington

Somone's story begins as a healthy and vibrant 25 year old young lady. She had just finished graduate school and was on her way to starting a new career. Out of no where, she...

Walking the Walk

  Sunday, October 30th was a beautiful day for the 2022 Southern CA Kidney Walk in Long Beach in support of the National Kidney Foundation! Balboa Nephrology and...

Every Transplant Has A Story

What’s Yours?


Share your transplant experience or words of encouragement to help teach the community the importance of organ donation and kidney care education.

Your story could be featured on this page as well as the Balboa Nephrology and Balboa United social media pages!

Thank you for helping us spread the word about kidney care!

Use the #ISharedMyStory to pass it on!

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