Kidney Care Resources

Kidney Care Resources

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Community, Patient Education, Resources

The August Kidney Conversations with ReMend webinar focused on the need for patients to have access to comprehensive knowledge about kidney care resources available to them. The conversation featured Amy Hewitt, Executive Director for the National Kidney Foundation, Chelsea Roman, Patient Consultant for NxStage/Fresenius, David Ordaz, Financial Counselor for Balboa United, Karin Hehenberger, MD PhD, CEO & Founder of Lyfebulb, Cynthia Polis RN PHN, Education Nurse with Balboa Nephrology and Charmaine Griffith, Mentor for ReMend, and entails their collaborative discussion about resource options available to kidney patients.

Click here to watch the complete webinar on the ReMend YouTube Channel.

About ReMend
ReMend stands for: Renal Empowered Mentors for Education in Nephrology & Dialysis and is a group of volunteers who have experienced kidney disease as patients themselves and are focused on giving hope to people on their kidney journey. ReMend mentors can be a great resource for anyone facing kidney disease, beginning or continuing dialysis and for people awaiting kidney transplantation. We’re here to listen, provide encouragement, offer resources and share experiences.

To empower people with CKD and ESRD to take charge of their kidney health and proactively take action maintaining and improving their health. ReMend encourages patient activation through education and practical experiences of our Mentors. ReMend provides no-cost, peer-to-peer mentoring and support to work with patients to help them solve their health challenges and make decisions on their own behalf.

ReMend’s Vision is to be a community leader in providing resources and empowerment to improve the quality of life for patients affected by kidney disease and to ultimately ensure positive care outcomes and patient self-management.

Visit ReMend.org to learn more.

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