My Story: Shelii Spana

My Story: Shelii Spana

My Name Is: Shelii Spana
I am a: Transplant Recipient
My Story:

“My name is Sheli Spana, a pharmacist and Diabetes Educator for Madison, MS.  I lost both of my kidneys to lupus an immunocompromising disease that can affect any organ in your body.  Lupus affected both kidneys.  I was on several methods of dialysis for about 5 years.  I received my kidney from a living donor in Nashville, Tennessee.  The transplantation took place at the Vanderbilt Medical Center.  It has been over 11 years since I received my kidney. Another birthdate. (August 11, 2011).  Another chance at life.

Thank God for Donors.They are our Heroes. Love my new life…Serving others to become a change for a healthy lifestyle.

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