My Story: Annette Johnson

My Story: Annette Johnson

My Name Is: Annette Johnson

I am a: Kidney Donor

My Story: My sister needed a kidney as her only kidney was only functioning at 18%.  We lost our middle sister to MS in 2008 and I was not about to let anything happen to this sister.  I was excited to donate to her, but found out that I wasn’t a match.  I was told about the kidney exchange program and did not hesitate to go forward.  We were so fortunate that not only did we have a kidney exchange pair, but there were 10 of us in the chain!  5 pairs that matched each other in different was.  We all went in on March 11, 20202 and are all doing well!  Thank you MUSC!

(MUSC Health University Medical Center is a university hospital associated with the Medical University of South Carolina)

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