Is A Plant-Based Diet Beneficial for Kidney Patients?

Is A Plant-Based Diet Beneficial for Kidney Patients?

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Kidney Care, Patient Education

There are a lot of misconceptions about a plant-based diet and if it can be beneficial for people on a renal diet. For example, some may think a plant-based diet can be expensive or that there aren’t enough plant-based eating options. But is there any evidence that plant-based diets can help slow the progression of kidney disease?

Our friends at ReMend hosted their webinar – Kidney Conversations with ReMend featuring an expert group of panelists, including Renal Dieticians from the Kidney Nutrition Institute and the Dietician and Executive Chef from Mama’s Kitchen. They discussed the common misconceptions about plant-based diets and if there’s any truth to the idea that this type of eating could help people with kidney disease.

Watch the webinar here!

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