Meet Balboa Nephrology’s Care Coordination Management Education Nurse

Meet Balboa Nephrology’s Care Coordination Management Education Nurse

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Patient Advocacy, Resources

Cindi Polis, RN, PHN

From time to time, we’ll feature a Balboa Nephrology team member who works behind the scenes and we’ll give you insight into their daily activities and how they help patients every day. This time we focus on Cindi Polis, Care Coordination Management Education Nurse.

“Compassion and genuine concern are the foundations of patient care. Any disease diagnosis is life-changing and terrifying. Many patients look to their providers for assurance, hope, and comfort. Nursing is caring and the best way to care is to listen and really hear our patients, to understand who they are and what they need.  My goal as a Care Coordination Management Education Nurse (CCME) is to eliminate kidney disease’s burden. I support patient care with coordination of medical events, help to ensure safety, and boost patient engagement. My day consists of providing ongoing education to patients, families, and support systems about chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

My position as the CCME is a hands-on, care-providing role and constantly evolves to deliver exceptional patient care. I work to support my patients via telehealth or in person at their clinic, to meet the demand for what is best for them.  It’s critical that I engage my patients in order to gain a thorough grasp of their renal condition and assess for any barriers that could affect adherence to treatment or care. I collaborate with other clinical teams and healthcare organizations to get the information necessary to serve patients and their needs.  I believe it’s critical to examine and identify any trends in complications when interacting with patients. There’s also the emotional component, which is crucial in providing support and being sensitive to patients’ kidney journeys. My work consists of several main elements:

  • Confidently support the educational and emotional needs of a patient/family learning about and choosing a preferred dialysis therapy option
  • Educating patient/family on preferred dialysis access, surgical considerations, and post-care
  • Providing information and assisting patients/families with kidney transplantation goals

I’m a big patient advocate and strive to be impactful in my professional and personal life.”

Balboa Nephrology is proud to have someone with Cindi’s passion and drive on our team.  Reach out to 858-810-8000  if you’re in need of assistance~

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