Meet Balboa Nephrology’s Patient Financial Counselor

Meet Balboa Nephrology’s Patient Financial Counselor

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Health Insurance, Patient Advocacy, Resources

David Ordaz, Financial Counselor + Patient Advocate

Introducing David Ordaz, Patient Financial Counselor for Balboa United.  I asked him to explain exactly what he does for the company:

“My main responsibility at Balboa Nephrology is to ensure our patients have adequate coverage that will help them meet their medical needs. So if a patient is uninsured, I find them insurance. If a patient is underinsured, I find them better insurance. If a patient wants to begin preparing for care or treatments, I educate them on their benefits and how to get the care and/or treatment they need. When a patient needs resources in the community, County, State or Federal levels, I will generally help the patient obtain resources ranging from food distribution centers, LifeLine cell phones (Obamaphones), CalFresh (Food stamps), General Relief, Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants, Utility Assistance, volunteer assistance, explanation of State Disability Insurance (SDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), etc.”

I also educate CKD Stage 5 Patients on their healthcare benefits, options, and rights. Most importantly, I explain their responsibilities so they can one day be their advocate and never find themselves without medical needs coverage and medications. This rings true, especially for our patients who are in the transition process and are possibly headed to require dialysis treatment.

I also serve as the organization’s Patient Advocate and assist patients when they:

  • Are having trouble filling their prescriptions
  • Have pending authorizations or referrals for specialty care or treatment that take too long.
  • Are receiving bills they are not supposed to receive.

Ultimately, I ensure patients have all their medical needs, are properly educated, and have the resources to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.”

Wow.  Not only is David extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does…he’s a pretty cool guy, too.  Balboa United is lucky to have him on the team!  We’ve asked David to be a contributor to the blog – so you’ll be noticing a lot of insurance information you can use as a valuable resource while on your kidney journey.  Thanks, David!  He’s a also asked if I would share his information, so please feel free to reach out:  DOrdaz@balboaunited.org or (858) 810-7103.

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